UNDERTOW, René Holten, 25 years in design


'U N D E R T O W'

René Holten, 25 years in design
an overview of furniture and sanitary design.
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'U N D E R T O W'
reflects 25 years of remarkable design

'U N D E R T O W' is the title of the 224-page photo and reading book that provides a special insight into twenty-five years of work by René Holten; industrial designer in Maastricht. Holten, among other known for his furniture for Artifort and sanitary products for Clou, has won several design awards for his specific view on industrial design.

In his work, Holten searches for an ideal, he takes the viewer into a world of imagination, where reality can surpass fantasy. Holten brings emotion and reason into harmony, creating inspiration and depth in the creative process and the final design. This 'undertow' has resulted in his own unique design style. Appreciated at home and abroad. His design signature runs like a thread through his anniversary book.

Encased in a beautiful hardcover linen cover, the book takes the viewer and reader, in both Dutch and English, into the extensive oeuvre of a quarter of a century of designs by René Holten. The epic texts support the imaginative photos in color and black and white and reflect the motivations, backgrounds and inspiration of a passionate designer and craftsman.

Title: U N D E R T O W
Subtitle:  René Holten 25 years in design
Number of pages: 224
Cover; hard binding, linen: Textile Brillianta
ISBN-number: 9789083356907
Publisher: RHPDbv
Printing house: Drukkerij Walters Maastricht