‘OOCLOCK’ new clock concept / 2018 / for 2Creatics

With its impressive 70 cm (27”) diameter and 3 rotating elements, absolutely silent witnesses of time. The inner element indicates seconds, the middle ring indicates hours, while the outer indicates minutes.

OOCLOCK is made from top class materials. The dials are made of steel. Coated in several colours, and also available with finishes of beautiful metal oxides, and even gold-plated. It does not need any maintenance, and setting the time is a real pleasure. OOCLOCK sets up a wifi connection to your mobile phone and you can set the time to any value you choose in the menu on your mobile phone.

René Holten is designer of OOCLOCK. The productdevelopment and technical engineering of OOCLOCK is done by Gidy Knoors and Matthijs Hajer of 2Creatics. See their website at: www.ooclock.design